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Allotment growing for Harlow residents.

If you enjoy gardening, and whether you live in a flat or have a small garden, the idea of having an allotment may appeal to you.

15 allotment sites in harlow are run by Harlow council and 18 self managed by us The Harlow Allotment Association. Those who have an allotment say it gives them a great opportunity to grow their own flowers and vegetables and enjoy being out in the fresh air. All allotment sites have water provided and are enclosed by secure hedges and fences.

The cost of renting a plot is typically about 18.00 for the whole year depending on the size of plot.

If you are interested in finding an allotment near to you, click on the link below and select a site for more details.

Contact: 01279 442809 (Answerphone)

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